Planning for the future... managing change.


Let us put our best minds to work on your future.

At Shriver & Company, helping you meet the challenge of tomorrow isn't just a popular idea. It's the foundation of our service. And it's a service we've carefully developed through 70 years of successful relationships with closely-held businesses and other organizations.

We can help you today... and tomorrow.

Our team of experienced professionals provide all of the important services you would expect from a full-service accounting firm. You can count on us, day-to-day, for accurate and timely information.

But you can also turn to us for creative and sound thinking to help you successfully plan for the future. We keep abreast of the rapid changes in your industry as well as our own. We've infused the latest technologies into our business, developing state-of-the-art capabilities that extend beyond the accounting field. As a result, we provide assistance with business planning that is based on the most up-to-date information available.

Any business can talk to you about your future, but at Shriver & Company we will help you prepare for it. We'll put our resources and our best minds to work for your business.

Our Services Include:

and more... contact us.

Current Issues

Should you be worried about an IRS audit?

Now that you've likely filed your 2018 tax return, one troubling afterthought may come to mind: Could I get audited? The mere notion strikes fear into most people's hearts. And for good reason - under a worst-case scenario, an audit could take up lots of your time, create an enormous amount of stress and leave you with a hefty bill from the federal government in unpaid tax, penalties and interest.

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